Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (山頭火)

Dropped by this ramen place for lunch. I suppose it has the unfortunate circumstance of having to be compared to my latest great review on Butao Ramen. But having said that, I think that even if I did not try Butao recently, I would have something to complain about here.

Ordered the scallop and ramen set with the ramen in the original “shio” (salty) creamy pork broth. The menu mentioned that we could ask for the noodles to be softer or harder according to our preference; so I ordered my noodles to be harder. The set arrived and I think I would have preferred it if the egg was only half cooked and the yolk runny (溏心蛋).

Scallop and Ramen set

Tried the ramen first, and unfortunately the pork was tough. I don’t think that it was just overcooked, but the slice of pork given just wasn’t that good. The noodles itself though was pretty good. I asked for harder noodles and that is what they gave me. The broth was also decent albeit a bit oily and unlike at Butao, I did not feel like finishing the broth.

"Shio" Ramen

Scallops and butter certainly go together, but in this case, it was not as good as I hoped for. As far as the scallops go, they were fine. But perhaps there was way too much butter? At the bottom of the rice bowl, there was a collection of melted butter that was being absorbed by the rice. I like butter, but this was just too much.

Scallop and Butter with rice

While not the best ramen place around, there are other dishes that I would like to try here such as the 日式撈麵… (sorry, need to figure out what 撈麵 is in English) and so I cannot write this place off yet.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (山頭火)
6/F, Shop 608, 63 Nathan Road, iSquare, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
2721 1298


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