Matchbox (喜喜冰室)

I love breakfast for dinner and Matchbox has a Special Set and a Normal Set that is interesting. The Special Set consisted of the “Floating Platform Chicken Pie” (雞批浮台), Banana Pancake and Coffee/Tea. The Normal Set consisted of Buttered Toast, Scrambled Eggs & Ham, Roast Pork Macaroni and Coffee/Tea.

Special Set – “Floating Platform Chicken Pie” (雞批浮台) . Banana Pancake . Coffee/Tea
“Floating Platform Chicken Pie” (雞批浮台) – If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been going on about pea soup recently. Pea soup at Amber, Caprice and FINDS. Now for pea soup at a bing sut. Like I’ve said before, I hate peas but I have been relatively impressed with the pea soups I’ve tried so far. The pea soup that surrounds this chicken pie though, is super pea tasting and not to my liking… almost like mashed peas. BUT I have to say that when you mix the chicken pie with the pea soup together, it becomes something totally different and amazing. Add some ketchup with the pie and WOW! This mixture had to be an accident in the making. I cannot imagine anyone mixing these foods together saying that it would taste good, yet when it is actually done, it is simple and great! I will definitely be back for more of this!

"Floating Platform Chicken Pie"

Banana Pancake – Simply just pancakes, banana and walnut. This was much better the second time around that I tried it. The first time, there really was not enough sauce. The pancakes are average while the sweet sweet bananas were great, but I did not think that the walnuts were necessary. The sauce though, went well with everything.

Banana Pancake

Normal Set – Scrambled Eggs & Ham with Toast . Roast Pork Macaroni . Coffee/Tea
Scrambled Eggs & Ham with Toast – The toast was tasty and the ham added the saltiness necessary to the scrambled eggs. The eggs were a little bit overcooked (not always, so a consistency issue) as I love them runny.

Scrambled Eggs & Ham with Toast

Roast Pork Macaroni – Not much you can say about roast pork and macaroni, but the pork here was quite tender when compared with that at Capital Cafe, while the macaroni was average. Note that I do much prefer instant noodles over macaroni!!

Roast Pork Macaroni

Hot Milk Tea – I don’t think I’m a good judge of milk tea as I prefer coffee, but in this case, it was pretty good.

Hot Milk Tea

Overall, I would definitely come back for the Floating Platform Chicken Pie. Its just too good not to try again and again!! The other foods are nothing special, but aren’t bad


  • “Floating Platform Chicken Pie” (雞批浮台)

Matchbox (喜喜冰室)
G/F, Highland Mansion, 8 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
2868 0363


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