Almanac Coffee Barbary Coast

Brewery: Almanac Beer Co.
Country: USA
ABV: 10%
Style: American Imperial Stout
Other Notes: Imperial Stout brewed with coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, chili peppers, sea salt and oak. Brewed with coffee roasted by Sightglass and cacao nibs from Dandelion Small Batch Chocolate

Brewer Description: (from can) Every great city has its wild side, and in 19th century boomtown San Francisco, that was The Barbary Coast. All manner of debauchery ran unchecked here for decades. But from this chaotic cauldron emerged San Francisco’s vibrant jazz culture and a rich legacy of poets, artists, writers and entertainers. Inspired by this creative tradition, this decadent imperial stout was brewed with oak staves, sea salt, a hint of spicy chili, Dandelion Chocolate’s cacao nibs and Sightglass Coffee. Pair with rich chocolate cake and a flair for the adventure!

My rating: 4
My rating: 4.35
My rating: 4.1

Intro: A 16 fl oz can, canned on 13th December 2016. Poured into a snifter.
Appearance: Black in colour with a very thin brown head that dissipated quickly and left sparse to no lacing.
Aroma: Light dark fruit followed by milk chocolate, roasty coffee and vanilla with perhaps some light spice.
Taste: Milk chocolate, cacao and coffee with a hint of chili pepper spiciness and salt.
Mouthfeel: Smooth, creamy, medium bodied with moderate to low carbonation.
Overall: Very nice flavours of chocolate and coffee which was well balanced with chili and salt.


Wild Beer Wildebeest

Brewery: The Wild Beer Co.
Country: England
ABV: 11%
Style: Russian Imperial Stout
Other Notes: Chocolate + Crushed Espresso + Vanilla

Brewer Description: (from bottle) We believe exceptional brewing stems from imagination and passion, it’s not just a process. Never average, every Wild brew is a result of Wild minds conceiving, creating and crafting beers that explore the boundaries of your palate. Brewing doesn’t need to be confined by rules, tradition or ingredients; by adding a Wild 5th ingredient or process to our beers we want to give you a truly memorable drinking experience, altering your perceptions and thrilling your taste buds. Drink Wildly Different.
Beer is not just meant for refreshment. Some beers can be ideal for contemplation and speculation, the liquid equivalent of the lotus position. Such a beer is Wildebeest, our Imperial Espresso Chocolate Vanilla Stout, a judicious selection of pale and dark malts to which is added highest quality Valrhona cocoa nibs, vanilla pods and freshly roasted coffee beans hand selected by Andy Tucker at Clifton Coffee Roasters. This helps to produce a rich, elegant, creamy, soothing confection of aromas and flavours that can only improve with time. We would describe it as a dessert in a glass.
Warning: Wildebeest is best enjoyed sipped from your favourite brandy snifter, whilst sitting comfortably in a plush armchair. Preferably next to a roaring fire while the weather does its worse outside.

My rating: 4
My rating: 4.22
My rating: 4

Intro: A 330ml bottle with a best before date that is not legible anymore but is sometime in 2018. Poured into a snifter.
Appearance: Black in colour with pretty much no head and only sparse spotty lacing.
Aroma: Sweetish milk chocolate, coffee, cocoa and vanilla.
Taste: Sweet, light dark fruit, bittersweet chocolate, cocoa, espresso. coffee, cream and hints of vanilla.
Mouthfeel: Creamy, smooth, medium to full bodied with low carbonation.
Overall: Nice and easy to drink. Doesn’t feel like 11% abv at all.

AleSmith Decadence 2015

Brewery: AleSmith Brewing Company
Country: USA
ABV: 10%
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Other Notes: Belgian-style Amber

Brewer Description: (from bottle) AleSmith Decadence Anniversary Ale was originally brewed in 2005 to celebrate our first decade in business. Each year since, our brewers have commemorated our anniversary with a special beer of a new style. Now, ten years after brewing our first beer of the Decadence Series, we’re proud to present another hand-forged addition, AleSmith Decadence 2015. In the spirit of traditional Belgian brewing we’ve departed from style-constraints to bring you a fresh take on the popular European style, the Belgian Amber. This big, complex, amber-hued ale was brewed with a substantial amount of Belgian and European malts that complement the spiciness imparted by Belgian Abbey yeast. The result is a perfect balance between rich, toasty maltiness, Belgian candi sugar and the light floral profile of European hops. Enjoy this hearty Belgian inspired brew now or age at a cool temperature to increase it’s complexities.

My rating: 3
My rating: 3.81
My rating: 3.6

Intro: A 1 pint 9.4 fl oz foiled bottle with no clear bottled on or best before date. Poured into a Lost Abbey teku glass.
Appearance: A hazy amber colour with a one finger off white head with an orange tinge that dissipated fairly quickly while leaving some spotty lacing.
Aroma: Malty, candi sugar, caramel, brown sugar and toffee, with a hint of clove, banana and apple juice.
Taste: Toasted, lightly sweet, caramel with hints of clove, banana, alcohol and apple juice.
Mouthfeel: Creamy, medium bodied with moderate carbonation.
Overall: Quite nice and easy to drink.

Prairie Brett C.

Brewery: Prairie Artisan Ales
Country: USA
ABV: 8.1%
Style: Belgian Saison
Other Notes: Conditioned with brettanomyces claussenii. Brewed and bottled by Krebs Brewing Co., Krebs, Oklahoma

Brewer Description: (from bottle) A farmhouse ale brewed with Cascade and Citra hops, and a touch of sea salt.

My rating: 4
My rating: 3.99
My rating: 3.9

Intro: A 16.9 fl oz (500ml) bottle with a Julian bottled on date of 17315, meaning it was bottled on 22nd June 2015. Poured into a Lost Abbey teku glass.
Appearance: A lightly hazy golden straw colour with an almost two finger white head that had decent retention but left only sparse lacing.
Aroma: Tropical peach, apricot, pineapple, wood, citrusy orange, hints of lemon peel and the right amount of funk.
Taste: Semi-sweet orange, lemon, dried mango, dried apricot, honey, dates and prunes with light oak and funk. Not getting much of the sea salt that was added.
Mouthfeel: Dry-ish, medium bodied with high carbonation.
Overall: Nice and enjoyable with it not being overly sweet and having funkiness that is not overpowering. The high carbonation assists it in being refreshing on a hot day.

Blackberry Farm Barrel Series Brett Fruit Blend 2016

Brewery: Blackberry Farm Brewery
Country: USA
ABV: 6.3%
Style: Belgian Saison
Other Notes: Our Barrel family is fermented with a variety of yeast strains and aged in wine and spirit barrels

Brewer Description: (from bottle) Ale aged in red wine barrels.

My rating: 3
My rating: 3.9
My rating: 3.7

Intro: A corked and caged 12.7 fl oz bottle, bottled on 17th August 2016. Poured into a Holy Mountain tulip glass.
Appearance: A hazy blonde orange colour with a slightly more than one finger white head that dissipated quickly to a thin layer around the glass and left sparse to no lacing.
Aroma: Tart, mixed berries, grass, hay with a hint of brett.
Taste: Tart, oaky, vinous, wine, funky with only a touch of mixed berries.
Mouthfeel: Dry, light bodied with moderate carbonation.
Overall: The taste didn’t quite match the aroma, but it was still quite nice.

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