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A blog about food and travel… This has been on the back of my mind for years now ever since Bryan suggested I should follow in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain or something like that. Decades later, I have finally decided to take up the challenge and share my experiences with the rest of you. I am just a humble average Joe and I don’t pretend to be a food expert or a travel guru, but all my comments are just my own opinion and my true experiences.

In my thirty years of existence, I truly have been extremely lucky to have visited so many countries around the world. And at the same time, I have also been able to taste some of the best restaurants.

Just a note before moving on; throughout this blog $ = HKD… if it is to be anything else, I will specify that something else.

I have eaten at so many excellent restaurants in the world already that it would be impossible for me to write about them all. Therefore I have decided to only write about my future food exploits and when I have time, perhaps include some photos of some notables and/or restaurants worth commenting on. Not all past reviews will be good, but hopefully most will. In addition, I am also on a quest to find the best of some specific types of foods in Hong Kong including banh mi, bak kut teh, sandwiches and Sichuan food.

Good food in my opinion is purely subjective. What one person loves, another may hate. I can also say that consistency will NEVER be perfect no matter what restaurant you go to, and so one person’s experiences will be different to another person’s experiences. In this way, I do not rate any of the restaurants that I write about and will only give my own personal comments.

Having said that, I LOVE my food. There is so much good food all around the world, and I am willing to try almost anything. But anyone who knows me will know that there are two things that I will NOT eat… octopus and squid. Other than that, I have tried everything from expensive restaurants to street food and many a exotic foods such as fox, snake, hippopotamus, giraffe, ants, elephant etc…

In addition, I have categorised the restaurants by location and by price. I think location is pretty much self-explanatory. With regards to price, I have kept it simple and labeled them Expensive, Moderate and Economical. There really isn’t a set criteria but I would expect that Expensive would be a meal that cost more than $400 per person whereas Economical would be a meal that cost under $100 per person. Moderate is anything in between.

As with food, because I have been to so many places in the past, I will only write about my future travel exploits. But when I have time, perhaps I will put up a photo blog of some of the places I have been to in the past since many of them are very interesting and worth visiting.

You may be wondering where I have been… and for simplicity sake, I will arrange them by continent and only name some of the bigger cities and/or places:

Egypt – Cairo, Giza
South Africa – Cape Town, Johannesburg

China – Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai
China (Anhui) – Huangshan
China (Guangdong) – Shenzhen, Zhuhai
China (Guangxi) – Guilin
China (Hainan) – Sanya
China (Jiangsu) – Suzhou
China (Sichuan) – Chengdu, Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou, Leshan
China (Zhejiang) – Hangzhou, Yiwu
Indonesia – Denpasar, Jakarta
Japan – Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo
Malaysia – Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Tioman Island
Philippines – Cebu
Singapore – Singapore
South Korea – Seoul
Taiwan – Sun Moon Lake, Taipei
Thailand – Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket

Austria – Innsbruck, Vienna
France – Paris
Greece – Athens, Mykonos
Italy – Florence, Rome
Liechtenstein – Vaduz
Switzerland – Bern, Geneva, Lucerne
Turkey – Istanbul, Pamukkale
United Kingdom – London
Vatican City – Vatican City

North America
Canada – Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver
Mexico – Cancun, Chichen-Itza
USA – Alaska, Ann Arbor, Boston, Chicago, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C.

Australia – Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Sydney
Hawaii – Honolulu
Mariana Islands – Guam, Saipan
New Zealand – Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington

As for the places I want to visit in the future, my list is endless, but they include:

Places for the future
China – Chongqing
China (Heilongjiang) – Harbin
China (Shaanxi) – Xian
China (Yunnan) – Kunming, Lijiang
Eastern Europe
Everest base camp
Japan – Hokkaido, Okinawa


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