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Sante Adairius x Triple Rock Cellarman Barrel-Aged Saison

Brewery: Sante Adairius Rustic Ales x Triple Rock Brewery
Country: USA
ABV: 6.5%
Style: Farmhouse Saison
Other Notes: Barrel-Aged Saison, SF Beer Week

Brewer Description: (from bottle) When an institution like Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley asks you to collaborate, you don’t say no. We first brewed Cellarman at Triple Rock for San Francisco Beer Week 2013 with the understanding that we’d make it again at SARA and age it in wine barrels. What you hold is this second version. Cellarman pays homage to those often-overlooked supporting brewers without whom, nothing would get done. Bright, citrusy, and tart with a dry finish, this saison celebrates cooperation, friendship, and hard work. Sante!

My rating: 4
My rating: 4.49
My rating: 4.4

Intro: A 750ml bottle, with no bottled on or best before date (although I’m pretty sure it’s either B1 or B2). Poured into a Tilquin stemmed glass.
Appearance: A hazy golden colour with a one finger white head that dissipated fairly quickly to a ring around the glass, while leaving some lacing.
Aroma: Funky, barnyard, minerals, light tartness, tropical stone fruit, apricot, unripe berries, green apple, citrus, grapefruit, lemon peel, oak, a touch of grains, with slight pepper notes.
Taste: Tart, tropical and citrus fruity, grapefruit, apricot, green apple, light funk, oak, vinous, with a lightly spicy finish.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with moderate carbonation.
Overall: Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try it fresh, but this bottle having aged 6 / 7 years, has aged gracefully with wonderful complex yet balanced aroma and flavours.