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La Sirène Praline

Brewery: La Sirène Brewing
Country: Australia
ABV: 6%
Style: Belgian Dark Ale
Other Notes: Contains nuts & lactose. Bottle conditioned, unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Brewer Description: (from bottle) Our award winning La Sirene Praline is a very special Belgian chocolate style ale. Belgian dark malts combine with organic vanilla pods & cacao nibs to provide a delightful contrast of sweet & savoury. Smooth & velvety with a creamy body & fluffy head. This delicate, balanced dark ale is a seductive chocolate praline beer experience.

My rating: 5
My rating: 4.52
My rating: 4.4

Intro: A 750ml bottle with an enjoy before date of 17th December 2015 (so drank a little late, but I’m not so worried for this style). Poured into a snifter glass.
Appearance: It poured a clear dark brown colour with an amber hue and a fluffy but thin half finger tanned head that didn’t retain too well but left nice spotty lacing.
Aroma: A very nice sweet hazelnut and chocolate with a hint of brown sugar.
Taste: Much like that aroma, a tasty chocolate hazelnut cake.
Mouthfeel: Light to mid body with light carbonation.
Overall: This surprised me a lot. A very tasty beer that could replace dessert yet surprisingly not too sweet for me (and there are a lot of beers that I find too sweet). I would definitely buy this again.




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La Sirène Saison

Brewery: La Sirène Brewing
Country: Australia
ABV: 6.5%
Style: Saison

Brewer Description: (from La Sirène website) La Sirène Saison is a beer that is special to our hearts and is a tribute to the style born in the Wallonia region of Southern Belgium where these Farmhouse styles were brewed to quench the thirst of field workers. Our classic award-winning Saison pours a deep golden ornage with aromas of wild fruits. Complex rustic flavours of spice and a little funk (courtesy of our yeast) combine deliciously to finally deliver a dry crisp finish. Santé!

My rating: 4
My rating: 4.3
My rating: 4.2

Intro: Don’t really like it when a beer doesn’t have a bottled date or even a best before date, and there were none here. Poured from a 375ml bottle into a tulip glass.
Appearance: The beer poured a very hazy golden orange colour with a thick fluffy two and half finger head that had pretty good retention leaving a quite thick lace ring. There was also quite a bit of sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
Aroma: Crisp funk with citrus orange, lemon and pear
Taste: Tart sourness, funk, orange, lemon, apple then leaves a lasting pear aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Crisp, light with good carbonation.
Overall: A nice crisp saison that I would probably buy again. Very refreshing.