Mountain Goat In-Breed The Delmont

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Brewery: Mountain Goat Beer Pty. Ltd.
Country: Australia
ABV: 6.8%
Style: IPA
Other Notes: In-Breed – This is the brewing expression of one of our goats, who we let off the leash in the brewery. He created this exclusive brew for you drinking pleasure.

Brewer Description: (from bottle) If Tom were a beer he wouldn’t be a mid-strength Australian lager, he wouldn’t be a pale ale or even a session IPA. He’d be a full-blown IPA. Tommy’s magnetically drawn to hops. So when it came his turn to brew an In-Breed it had to be a US style, West Coast IPA.

My rating: 4
My rating: 4.25
My rating: 4.2

Intro: This was a 640ml bottle dated best before 3 May 2015 and poured into a Hoegaarden pint glass.
Appearance: The beer poured a clear copper amber colour with a one finger white head with good retention.
Aroma: The aroma is easily pineapple, grapefruit and pine with light caramel malts in the background.
Taste: Grapefruit is most prominent at the beginning, then pine followed by a caramel malt finish. It has a medium bitterness throughout that is nice.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with medium carbonation.
Overall: A nice IPA overall. The bitterness and light caramel malt in the background is well balanced and enjoyable to drink. I would buy this again.




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