De Molen Knippen & Scheren

Brewery: Brouwerij De Molen
Country: Netherlands
ABV: 9.5%
Style: American Double IPA
Other Notes: 56 IBUs. Malts – Pils and Caramel. Hops – bittering (Columbus, Amarillo, Simcoe and Saaz), dry hop (Citra and Mosaic).

Brewer Description: (from De Molen Facebook post) Beer is like evolution: small mistakes lead to improved versions of already advanced life forms. So, when our bearded brewer “decided” to dry-hop one of our beers against its will… we got a wonderful interesting dry-hopped Belgian style triple. Perfect to warm your winter evenings!

We called the newly born Knippen & Scheren (Cut & Shave) because the brewer is obviously too hairy but it also means in Dutch that you’re going to tell someone how to do things the right way.

My rating: 3
My rating: 3.79
My rating: 3.7

Intro: A 12 fl oz pour on draft at The Roundhouse Chicken + Beer into a pint glass.
Appearance: It was a slightly hazy deep golden colour with a one finger white head that dissipated fairly quickly but left nice lacing.
Aroma: A mix of citrus orange and tropical peach and mango with a hint of caramel.
Taste: Caramel malts, some pine and citrus grapefruit to start before a hit of butterscotch and honey towards the finish.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with mid to low carbonation.
Overall: The description says that this is a Tripel, but it definitely feels more like a Double IPA and even the bottle has the words Imperial IPA-ish on it. It’s a decent DIPA, and I would drink this again.

de molen knippen & scheren 1


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