H.K. Lovecraft Eisbock

Brewery: H.K. Lovecraft
Country: Hong Kong
ABV: 9%
Style: German Eisbock
Other Notes: 25 IBUs

Brewer Description: (from H.K. Lovecraft Facebook post) Our Eisbock is made by freeze distillation. It’s full bodied, along with touches of cake. Outstanding sweet aroma of caramel malt and forward. High alcohol content without rising to the level of booziness. Take a sip and indulge in this amber beer.

My rating: 4
My beeradvocate.com rating: 4.13
My ratebeer.com rating: 4

Intro: A 330ml wrapped bottle, with no clear bottled on or best before date (despite it stating ‘see the label’ multiple times). Poured into a snifter glass.
Appearance: A nice clear amber copper colour with a one finger off white head that settles to a thin layer and leaves nice spotty lacing.
Aroma: Sweet malt, honey, caramel, with notes of plum, bubblegum and booze.
Taste: Sweet malt, honey sweetness, caramel and plum.
Mouthfeel: Medium to full bodied with moderate to soft carbonation.
Overall: Lots of sweet and malty characteristics, but nicely balanced in that it’s not overly sweet or cloying, with a nice mix of honey, caramel and plum notes. Alcohol is also well hidden.


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