Trillium Wild Sinister Kid – Double Sour Cherry & Malbec Grapes

Brewery: Trillium Brewing Company
Country: USA
ABV: 10%
Style: American Wild Ale
Other Notes: American Wild Ale aged in red wine and bourbon barrels. Hops – US Goldings. Malts – Pilsner, Abbey, Special B and Carafa III. Adjuncts – Sour Cherries, Malbec Grapes, Belgian Candi Syrup and Turbinado Sugar

Brewer Description: (from website) Sinister Kid is named after the unofficial mascot of our Congress Street brewery: a long-forgotten, dismembered doll unearthed in construction rubble. We dusted off Sinister Kid and breathed new life into her, installing a new pipe leg and a wire arm. We quickly found a new use for her evil appearance: keeping an ever-present, protective watch over the first floor of our Fort Point restaurant and brewery.

This year, we’ve crafted what we consider to be our most complex variations of Sinister Kid to date. We took the base Belgian Strong Ale recipe, fermented it with our native New England yeast culture for two years in both bourbon and wine barrels, then transferred the beer to our oak foeders to condition on a variety of fruit. The six resulting blends are intricate expressions of wild yeast, time, and fruit all coming together harmoniously in the bottle.

Three of the 2019 Wild Sinister Kid blends were conditioned upon twice the amount of fruit as their counterparts to achieve a truly elegant and fruit-forward final blend. Consisting of 50% bourbon barrel-aged beer and 50% wine barrel-aged beer, Wild Sinister Kid: Double Cherry Malbec pours a gorgeous ruby brown in the glass. Ripe with abundant red fruit aromas, layered notes of juicy cherry, fresh plum, and raspberry juice jump from the glass. Offering a moderate acidity balanced by a silky mouthfeel, we’re proud to share this luscious beer with you.

My rating: 4
My rating: 4.24
My rating: 4.1

Intro: A 330ml bottle, bottled on 15th August 2019. Poured into a Lindemans stemmed lambic teku/tulip glass.
Appearance: Maroon coloured with a one finger beige head that dissipated quickly to a ring around the glass, while leaving only sparse lacing.
Aroma: Tart, cherry, oak, vanilla, red wine grape.
Taste: Lightly sour, tart, cherry, oak, cinnamon, with notes of plum, and maybe bourbon.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with moderate carbonation.
Overall: Although I was disappointed that the bourbon and wine barrels weren’t obvious to me, the aroma and flavours worked and it was enjoyable.


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