De Struise Black Albert

Brewery: De Struise Brouwers
Country: Belgium
ABV: 13%
Style: Russian Imperial Stout
Other Notes: 2020 vintage. 72 IBUs. A Belgian Royal Stout from Flanders

Brewer Description: (from website) Black Albert, referring to our smiling King Albert, is one of our biggest flagship beers at De Struise Brouwers. Is a Belgian Royal Stout with untold complex flavours. Saw the light of day for the first time in 2007 and has been in the Top 100 of the best beers in the world ever since. Initially brewed in homage to Christopher & Jennifer Lively’s best American bar “Ebenezer’s Pub“.

My rating: 4
My rating: 4.4
My rating: 4.3

Intro: A 330ml bottle, 2020 vintage, bottled on 18th March 2021, with a best before date of bottled date +5 years. Poured into a De Struise tulip glass.
Appearance: Black in colour with a nice big three finger brown head that had decent retention while leaving some lacing.
Aroma: Roasted malts, coffee, chocolate, cola, with notes of licorice, berries, and caramel.
Taste: Lightly bitter, roasty coffee, dark chocolate, candi sugar sweetness, dark stone fruit, plum, prunes, with notes of berries and maybe licorice.
Mouthfeel: Smooth, creamy, full bodied, with soft carbonation.
Overall: An excellent sipper with alcohol well hidden. Good bitter and sweet balance.


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