Stu Mostów Untamed Double Berliner Weisse Raspberry Blackberry Vanilla

Brewery: Browar Stu Mostów
Country: Poland
ABV: 6%
Style: Berliner Weisse – Fruited
Other Notes: 50 IBUs. Malts – Barley, Wheat Malt and Flaked Oats. Hops – German Hersbrucker. Adjuncts – Raspberry Puree, Blackberry Puree and Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Brewer Description: (from website) Untamed is our brand new DBW (Double Berliner Weisse) conditioned on insane amounts of Raspberry and Blackberry puree and our very best Madagascar Vanilla beans. Thick, sweet & sour, full of berry goodness and with just enough Vanilla so you can feel it but without crossing into the “pastry” territory.

Double juicy, double fruity wheat beer in Berliner Weisse style. Filled to the brim with the aroma of Polish raspberries and blackberries. Expressive, and maximally refreshing – perfect for warm, spring days! No lactose added!

My rating: 4
My rating: 4.2
My rating: 4

Intro: A 440ml can, canned on 12th May 2021, with a best before date of 12th November 2021. Poured into a Tilquin stemmed glass.
Appearance: A cloudy red colour with a slight purple tint, and a two finger pink head that had decent retention, while leaving some lacing.
Aroma: Sweet, tart, jammy, raspberry, with a light hint of wheat and vanilla.
Taste: Lightly sweet, lightly sour, tart, jammy, raspberry puree, blackberry, mixed berry milkshake.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with moderate to soft carbonation.
Overall: Enjoyable and easy to drink. Can’t go wrong with this flavour combination for me.


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