Craftbros LIFE New England IPA – Skateboard

Brewery: Craftbros Brewing Co.
Country: South Korea
ABV: 6.5%
Style: New England / Hazy IPA
Other Notes: 29 IBUs. LIFE cover published on May 14th, 1965 featuring Pat McGee doing handstand on the newest trend item, a skateboard. Photographed by Bill Eppridge

Brewer Description: (from can) Much of it is in Korean, but what I do get is, Double Dry-Hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Wai-iti.

My rating: 3
My rating: 3.94
My rating: 3.8

Intro: A 500ml can, canned on 9th May 2022, poured into a winebar glass.
Appearance: A hazy pale orange colour with a one finger white head that had good retention and left nice lacing.
Aroma: Grassy and melon notes lead, followed by a wave of citrus, mostly grapefruit zest and rind, and maybe notes of grapes.
Taste: Juicy, lightly bitter, melon forward, grapefruit zest, orange and grass.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with moderate carbonation.
Overall: Good thirst quenching and easy to drink. Glad we’re getting them fresh in Hong Kong. Looking forward to trying more from them.

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