To Øl Vanilje Mælk

Brewery: To Øl
Country: Denmark
ABV: 10.5%
Style: Stout – Milk Imperial
Other Notes: Brewed & bottled by To Øl at De Proef Brouwerij, Belgium

Brewer Description: (from bottle) Imperial Vanilla Milk Stout.

My rating: 1
My rating: 2.58
My rating: 2.4

Intro: A 375ml bottle, with a best before date of 9th January 2028. Poured into a snifter glass.
Appearance: Dark dark brown to black in colour with a nice one finger brown head that had pretty good retention and left some nice lacing.
Aroma: Roasted malts, chocolate, burnt vanilla, burnt sugar, with maybe notes of dark fruit, but really I think these burnt notes are hiding a lot.
Taste: Light roast, cocoa, followed by a whole lot of nutmeg, and something I don’t know how to describe, although I’m tempted to say metallic ashy gasoline.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with soft carbonation.
Overall: I like To Øl, but this really didn’t work for me. A vanilla milk stout sounds amazing, but here, the vanilla in the aroma was burnt, and it wasn’t in the flavour, or otherwise morphed into something quite unpleasant with all that nutmeg or even the ‘metallic ashy gasoline’…


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