We dropped by this place accidentally while walking around Causeway Bay. This unassuming store is super basic with no indication of what was being sold inside. Plain white, with a counter and cinema seats for three, a sign stating Cheesess… and nothing else. It was this plainness of nothing that sparked our interest and got us to walk in and ask what was being sold. Cheesecake!

This store took over the old Awfully Chocolate location (which moved to another location nearby) and the owner is in fact the same. We got to try three different flavours. The Kyoto White Cheesecake, Kyoto Raspberry Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake. All three were pretty good, but it was the extremely light and fluffy Kyoto White Cheesecake that caught my eye and really made me want more. Yummm!!


At $118 for the Kyoto White and $138 for the Kyoto Raspberry and New York, they are pretty expensive, but worth it to try something good and different.

Kyoto White Cheesecake
Kyoto White Cheesecake - slice


  • Kyoto White Cheesecake

Shop 15, G/F, 2-4 Hysan Avenue (Sun Wui Road), Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
2504 5500


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