Noi Seafood @ Huai Kwang (Bangkok)

How did I find this place? We were staying in the Sutthisan area of Bangkok and arrived late (after 1 am) into Bangkok. Basically, we were looking for a place to eat late at night on a weekday. We hopped onto a cab and asked the driver to take us to a place to eat (NOTE: this is not always the best way as there are alot of drivers who scam you and take you to an expensive restaurant that cheat you and at the same time, the cab driver gets a kickback for taking you there). But, we were lucky, and he took us to the Huai Kwang nightmarket, and we decided to check it out for ourselves. We walked around and there was one restaurant in particular which had a lot of locals inside. It was called Noi Seafood, and I gotta say, for being largely anonymous (hardly listed online and very little mentions about it in English), it is better than its other more famous seafood counterparts such as Somboon Seafood and T & K Seafood.

Entrance like a mini seafood market

The entrance is quite easy to recognise as the outside kind of looks like a mini seafood market. Most of the seafood is displayed, prepared and grilled outside. Inside, you’re not exactly going to find a ‘clean’ restaurant… but maybe something like the cooked food markets of Hong Kong, so its clean enough. Even at 3am, there was a good number of people in the restaurant eating and chatting away!

Quite a lot of people still in the restaurant at 3am on a weekday!

Most of the patrons of the restaurant were actual Thai people and despite having eaten at this restaurant more than 6 times already, I have rarely seen any other tourists except perhaps one or two tables of Chinese patrons. This was highlighted by the fact that there was no English menu, and the amount of English spoken by the staff was very very basic. There was a menu that was completely in Thai, and then for those that can’t read Thai, there was a photobook for you to pick whatever dishes you wanted to eat (just point and say how many when applicable). Note that there were no prices labeled in the photobook so the first time I ate here, I was virtually eating blind, and perhaps slightly worried I was going to be cheated. BUT luckily, when the bill came, considering what we ordered, it was very very reasonable and much lower than I expected. Actually, although I’ve eaten there many times, I still don’t know the cost of each of the dishes… Its now all based on trust, and perhaps I also think they might recognise me already. The only thing I do know is that the each grilled prawn was 85 baht or just under HK$23 which is such a good deal when you look at the size of them! Put it this way, I have not felt anywhere close to being cheated by them yet! The amount should end up being between HK$60 (230 baht) and HK$200 (750 baht) per person depending on what you order and how much you order (and we ordered A LOT per person… averaging more than 2 dishes each)!!

Oh, and remember to ask for the green chilli sauce! It’s really really good and goes with practically everything especially the grilled foods!! They actually understood what I was talking about when I asked for this and called it green chilli sauce!

Thai Prawn Cakes – Crunchy, juicy, tasty. Very good when dipped in the sweet and sour sauce provided with a dash of the green chilli sauce.
Grilled Cockle Clams – The cockle clams are fresh and I saw a lot of Thai people order it. Actually there are two types of cockle clams at this restaurant. One that is fully cooked, and one that is quite raw. The one in the photo is the fully cooked one, done by grilling. BUT the one I recommend is the one that is very lightly grilled such that they are warm, but at the same time still quite raw. I attribute my mistake this time due to just being able to point at photos when ordering and pointing to the wrong photo. The raw-er cockles are juicier and taste excellent when dipped in the green chilli sauce. I guess I can understand the apprehension of eating raw shellfish at a place like this, but I can only mention my experiences, which is that I’ve not had a problem yet, and I’ve had ordered the raw ones on at least 4 different occasions.
Shark Fin Soup – I love shark’s fin, but I don’t eat it often. Having said that, it was made nicely here and went well with the raw bean sprout, coriander and vinegar.
Grilled Mussels with Lemongrass and Basil – The grilled mussels are quite good and flavoured nicely with the lemongrass and basil. Add a touch of the green chilli and you’re all set.
Grilled Prawns – I thought that this was the best dish in the restaurant. The prawns were huge, especially the head!! It was so good that the first time I ordered it, I only ordered one per person, but then moments after, we had to reorder another one. Ever since then, I now order a minimum of two per person! Its that good! Once you’ve split the head from the tail, you can try sucking the good stuff out of the head, but really its so big, that I recommend taking apart the head instead. There is actually still a lot of meat inside, and the head is very tasty. Once done, you can peel the tail and dip the good sized tail meat into the green chilli sauce. So big, so juicy, so good!
Steamed White Snapper in Spicy Garlic Lime Juice Soup – The fish was large with lots of meat and little bones. The fish meat was slippery and tender and the broth it lay in was good enough to be a soup by itself. The Thai flavours of garlic, lime and chilli were easily brought out.
Stir-fried Crab with Yellow Curry Powder – There was a lot of crab meat in the dish and it was extremely succulent.Also seemed like there was a decent amount of crab butter. The yellow curry was also especially good! It was mild in spice but very rich. Eating the curry by itself is possible, but imagine mixing it with white rice!!! Yuummmm, I crave for it again just writing about it.
Stir-fried Morning Glory – Spicy! If you can’t take spice, remember to make sure and tell the staff to make this dish less spicy. The vegetables were perfectly cooked and tasted excellent. I can only question why other places can’t cook Morning Glory this well especially in Hong Kong!
Tom Kha Gai – Unfortunately I do not have a photo of this since I was too busy eating (bad excuse… but still, I apologise!). I will quote my friend though, when he said that it was the best Tom Kha Gai he’s ever tried. For me, I can’t definitively say whether it was the best because I just don’t eat it often enough to remember, but it was very good.
Oyster Omelet – Once again I have to apologise for not having a photo of this dish. Actually this was the only dish that I thought was better elsewhere. In particular, the oyster omelet at T & K Seafood was especially good.

Thai Prawn Cakes
Grilled Cockle Clams - go for the lightly grilled raw-er version as I feel they taste better and brings out the freshness
Shark Fin Soup
Grilled Mussels with Lemongrass and Basil
Grilled Prawns - the best dish in my opinion
Grilled Prawns - just look at them heads! HUGE
Steamed White Snapper in Spicy Garlic Lime Juice Soup
Stir-fried Crab with Yellow Curry Powder
Stir-fried Morning Glory

I have only good things to say about Noi Seafood. Each time I have revisited Bangkok, I take my friends and go to this restaurant and each time, I have left happy, totally satisfied and have been told by my friends that it was a great recommendation. So GO GO GO if you’re in the area! You won’t be disappointed. Eat where the Thai people eat when in Thailand!! This is the place!


  • Grilled Prawns
  • Steamed White Snapper in Spicy Garlic Lime Juice Soup
  • Stir Fried Crab Meat with Yellow Curry Powder
  • Shark Fin Soup
  • Grilled Cockle Clams (the very lightly grilled version… i.e. still raw)
  • Thai Prawn Cakes

Noi Seafood
Located within the Huai Kwang nightmarket on Thanon Pracharat Bamphen (on the left when walking away from Huai Kwang MRT, about 5 minutes in)


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