To Øl LikeWeisse (Director’s Cut)

Brewery: To Øl
Country: Denmark
ABV: 10.5%
Style: Sour Ale
Other Notes: Brewed & bottled by To Øl at De Proef Brouwerij, Belgium

Brewer Description: (from bottle) We bring to you a director’s cut version of our Berliner Weisse “LikeWeisse”. This is the absolute extended version where all the obscure details are present and the pure essence is presented to you. This is a 10.5% ABV dry hopped wheat sour ale.

My rating: 3
My rating: 3.44
My rating: 3.2

Intro: A 375ml foiled, corked and caged bottle, with a best before date of 26th February 2020. Poured into a Holy Mountain tulip glass.
Appearance: A murky cloudy copper colour with a very thin sparse clear head and no lacing.
Aroma: Lightly tart, sour, barleywine-ish, dark fruit, plum, prunes, apple juice, grapes, caramel and toffee.
Taste: Sour, light tartness, dark fruit, plum, prunes, apple juice, grape, syrupy, oak, lemon, lightly malty.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with soft carbonation.
Overall: Possibly past it’s prime, but still within best before date. Doesn’t feel anywhere near 10.5% ABV as the alcohol is well hidden. Carbonation was way too soft for my liking and was my main negative.


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