De Cam Lambiek Rabarber

Brewery: Geuzestekerij De Cam
Country: Belgium
ABV: 7.2%
Style: Lambic – Fruit
Other Notes: 2019 vintage

Brewer Description: (from bottle in Dutch) De licht rode ‘VALANTINE’ rabarber wordt geoogst in de lente. Hij wordt gebruikt voor wijn en nu ook om te vergisten met lambiek die vergist op houten vaten. 45 kilogram op 100 liter jonge lambik.

(translated to English) The light red ‘VALANTINE’ rhubarb is harvested in the spring. It is used for wine and now also for fermentation with lambic fermented in wooden barrels. 45 kilograms per 100 liters of young lambic.

My rating: 3
My rating: 3.75
My rating: 3.7

Intro: A 750ml corked and caged bottle, 2019 vintage, with a best before date of June 2041. Poured into a De Cam stemmed glass.
Appearance: A mostly clear copper orange colour with a one finger white head that dissipated fairly quickly to a ring around the glass, while leaving some sparse lacing.
Aroma: Rhubarb, earthy, oak, light funk, a touch sour, with some lemon notes.
Taste: Light sour and light funk, oak, earthy, rhubarb, pear, lemon, with some grassy herbal finish.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with moderate to soft carbonation.
Overall: Easy drinking and easily the most rhubarb forward lambic and/or beer that I’ve tried. Increased funk and sourness would be interesting.


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